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Joke of the Week

What's the difference between a lentil and a chickpea?

Donald Trump wouldn't pay $1000 dollars to have a lentil on his face


Amusing though it is, I am astonished at the speed at which people will abandon concepts like democracy and free speech. They won't abandon the words, oh no... the words become like the sign of the cross, In Nomine... accompanied by a gesture learned early,repeated mechanically and used without thought of what it means.

Trump shouts at CNN and refuses to answer the reporter, HAHA! Take that CNN! His followers squeal with delight, never thinking of what it means to have a ruler place themselves above and beyond the duty of responding to the Press, to the questions of the outer world. Here, we want a different democracy for every mood, and let's change the rules whenever, because it's not as though that's a fine precedent for any wannabe dictator. And if the legislature doesn't like it, shut up stupid judges! And if civil servants say it's a bad idea, go away nasty civil servants! And if experts say it won't work, screw you know-it-all experts!

Nothing teaches fire safety better than a burn, they say. Trouble is, this lesson may take the schoolroom with it.


Jan. 14th, 2017 01:21 am (UTC)
I suspect that it is a pattern of behaviour, but we shall see.

Re his worthiness and his merits,I think they are tied together. It is evident that he is a boastful coarse man, with a tendency to shout over other people. He thinks people who don't pay taxes are smart, he mocks disabled people, he talks about grabbing women by their genitals...We are not going to get far on his worthiness.

It is of course possible that an unworthy man can bring about good things. Retreat from the hideous mess in the middle east and a sincere attempt at peaceful relations with Russia must be better for the whole world. But if there is a possibility that he and/or his advisers have a conflict of interests, well, that's got to be investigated.

But I appreciate you see things differently.



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