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Something Better than Nazi Punching.

For the love of God. All over fecking social media. I have had some pleasant news and was waiting for more information, the result being I got to see this rubbish pop up all over my FB feed/twitter/any and every damn place imaginable.

Some idiot punches a Nazi and lots of people I genuinely get on with decide that this is fine, because the rights and wrongs of a violence depend,not on the act itself,nor on the law, nor on the right to free speech, but on who you are hitting. Laws don't count for a Nazi, they scream, laws don't count for any [insert ultimate evil] Talk about circular reasoning, we hate nazis,why? Because they terrify and dehumanise, hate, torture, and kill. Do we terrify and dehumanise, hate, torture and kill? Yes, but only if it's nazis... And do we care or even notice, if we become the thing we hate? Is our beautiful label the only virtue we need? What the hell is happening? Fortunately I believe - I hope - that it's all just anger creating a few bravemouths. Very few of these people have seen any kind of real conflict.

FFS. Thank God for Rogue One. A night at the Greenwich peninsula, we generally buy gallery tickets, cos we are way past sitting among idiots playing with their phones, chatting loudly to each other and letting their kids scream the screen away. A prohibitive price is no guarantee, but its a hope,especially once the first couple of weeks are done. There were about 5 people there, chowing down on nachos,popcorn,chocolate and beer. Monday night at 9.30 pm, perfect.

In love with the K2SO! Not so sure about CGI Tarkin and Leia. They both have the same flaws...their eyes are heeeyoooj. I am not sure it's respectful to use Cushing's image in this way,but it was well done nonetheless.If it's OK to draw a portrait of him,why would this be different? I don't know why I feel ambiguous about it. His too big eyes have a pronounced malign expression, a kind of dire sparkle. Leia looked great, but couldn't compare to the real deal of course. Still, a fine night.

The above from the amazing illustratoer Karen Hallion, whose work can be seen here https://www.facebook.com/KarenHallion/photos/a.10150158825947363.345388.133570227362/10154853712987363/?type=3&theater


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Jan. 25th, 2017 12:26 am (UTC)
I thought a lot about the nazi punch, I had a lot of complicated thoughts which i mostly kept to myself save for my usual manner of venting which was to make a snarky joke about it. Still i really do think it has more facets to it than people on both sides seem to be painting it, Irregardless i hope i did not come across as a bravemouth talking (or joking, i suppose) of things he knew nothing about

i love that picture, did you see the people carrying pictures of carrie fisher with them on the march? it made me quite emotional

Hope you and yours are doing well
Jan. 25th, 2017 10:26 am (UTC)
It is complicated, you are right...It *feels* right,to my mind,to punch a nazi, we know these people are obscene, absolutely wrong in their beliefs. And I do like my sharp contrasts,good vs bad. There is a relief knowing that it is all right to hate someone for being so shitty. But...

The problem I see is that the joy in just shutting your enemy the fuck up isn't reserved for us. I've been assured that were it not for the law, a few people would have no problems with killing me. With a gun, with a stick, hanging me like the traitor they consider me to be (Brexiters you see) ,or just kicking the shit out of me...Never mind the fact that they are nutters, as far as they are concerned, it would *feel*right, it would be laudable, and if the law doesn't see how right that is, the law must be wrong.

So my answer is that all must be able to speak, deplorables as well. For me personally, the enemy must start the conflict. The grey area is what constitutes the start of a conflict? What is the difference between some loser spouting shite and a bona fide threat one should not tolerate? This is what I am still trying to work out in my head.

You did not come across as a Bravemouth at all! And no, I didn't see Carrie Fisher pictures... It makes me feel tearful to think about that. Beautiful.

Thanks for your wishes! We've been ill but are recovering. I hope you are feeling better yourself, love to you both XXX

Jan. 25th, 2017 10:54 am (UTC)
its worth noting that my own complicated feelings to one side, one thing i definately am certain on is that it should be illegal to do such a thing, i have no conflict about that at all, but when my mind wanders into territory of....should, and guilt, and relative awfulness, and guilt, and...schaedenfraude and...all those other things i find no easy answers, there are certainly situations i feel it is moral to break a law and then allow society to punish oneself, but is this one of them? well, i havent figured it out. still i suppose having been stuck thinking about it for a day or so has probably done me no harm.

I found myself very in the middle on facebook, between the "yes it was glorious, you should not even question its nobility" crowd and the "clopping someone who is trying to convince people that genocide is reasonable around the earhole, is as bad as trying to convince people genocide is correct" people, and did not feel a kinship to either view.

One thing i did note was that the whole world became obsessed with answering the question, replaying it, asking ethicists, writing pieces on it, is it ok to punch a nazi? is punching nazis wrong? can i enjoy watching this to music? and the young anti-fascist protestor who was shot in the stomach on the same day barely makes a blip on peoples radar, i guess in america gunshots are common and clopping ethnic cleanser advocates on tv is much more unique. This isnt really a paragraph with a point, it just added to my mixed feelings,

no easy answers i suppose, a picture that changes depending on how zoomed in or out you move your head. if violence can be structural and systemic, as well as immediate and physical, why cant self defence? probably for dozens of good reasons i suppose.

anyway, i really didnt mean to drag it all up, i mostly just wanted to make sure i hadnt inadvertently come off as an arse, and im glad you didnt feel so (who me? insecure? :) ) I hope your illnesses pass swiftly, i shall pass on your love to wends, and hope you give mine to russ (and yourself of course)
Jan. 25th, 2017 02:45 pm (UTC)
You never come off as an arse. I'm very glad you did bring these issues up, because there are aspects of it I have not considered. I hadn't seen anything at all about the young anti-fascist protestor. If it hadn't been for you I would be entirely ignorant of that whole issue, so thank you.

I am up for self defence, but am just confused as to how and when it applies. Love will indeed be passed on. We miss you both X
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