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I remember the places I loved in town when I first came to London; the British Museum, where I could wander around and dream my dreams for free, then pop down to Chinatown for a bowl of noodles and a lotus paste bun. In the year of the dragon celebrations 2012, I watched the old chairman of the Chinatown association talk about when he first came in the 60s, tears in his eyes at all that's been achieved.

Yesterday was the celebration of the Year of the Rooster. So many people! So many children, all waving tiny dragons in the air, and yelling every time they saw a lion! It was cold and wet but no-one cared. I was there early and got to see a whole bunch of lions limbering up for a day of leaping up and down at shop doors. Took a video, took photos, god alone knows why Dreamwidth doesn't see them. I have actually abandoned attempting to cross post from Dreamwidth with this entry. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow when it's back to text and not much else. I appreciate DW is run by volunteers, truly I do, but it's been a bit frustrating. So, photos only then:

Of the woman who lives on the moon with the golden goddess, there's a story to tell.  Once upon a time, according to a man who was working on this float, there lived the most beautiful woman in the world. In China it is said that she committed a wrong, so the Jade Emperor sent her to live on the moon. So now, when you look up at the moon, those silver dark patches are her gardens. But I don't believe the emperor punished her for any wrong doing. I think he just gave her a home where she could shine as she pleased and rest in the dark when needed, all the while filling the moon with magical gardens.

There was so much happening I can't go into it all. Only that the celestial rooster's probably chuffed at all the people who came out despite the cruddy weather. It was a glorious parade. Traditionally, Rooster wakes everyone up, even if they'd rather stay asleep. He's a teacher and a preacher. I found a message he'd probably like, and know to be true, a big story simply told:



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