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Lack of a Long Spoon

Symbols have power. Whatever happens to Theresa May now - Theresa the Appeaser as she was called in the House of Commons - that close up of Donald Trump's hand in hers will be something always connected to her. It is not a good thing to be seen as a tyrant's best friend.

Seems Brenda's a bit dismayed at the State visit etc. I have visions of Trump greeting her with a friendly crotch-grab, only to have Philip shoot him with his old hunting rifle ('It was the orange...I thought he was an escaped tiger...') then scooped up by Buckingham Palace cooks and after a couple of hours, brought to table like a proper hog roast with an apple in his mouth. Then we have to apologise to America, and they can thank us quietly when no-one's looking.

Even forgetting Donald's interesting tweets about Kate Middleton's nude sunbathing and his belief that he could have copped off with Diana, the Windsors really do not need any more affiliations with fascist-alikes. And this offer is unprecedented - presidents do not get invited to dinner with the queen as soon as they park themselves in the Oval Office. It's flattery,and desperation. Turning away from Europe, May sees us as doubly disempowered if we lose our powerful ally to the West as well as the East, so she grits her teeth and panders, which just goes to show that the first time one dines with the devil is never the last. If she hadn't supped so close to her party imps in a way very likely to harm the country, she wouldn't have to share a plate now with this far more dangerous demon.

She knows how bad it looks. The Times tells us that there was an attempt from Number 10 to blame the arrangement on some random on a committee somewhere; the claim is dismissed across Whitehall. May is the queen's principal minister,it was down to her. And it will always be connected with her.

Which leads me back to the hand-holding. Strange how an accident can look so awful; If Trump, or anyone, had a severe phobia about ramps and they slipped or whatever, who wouldn't hold their hand out, who would pull away if they were grabbed in panic by someone in fear? Who would let that terrified person slip and fall? And I do feel sorry for her,if that is the case. It's a skin crawling image, but what can you do if someone needs help, even if they don't deserve it? And of course,it is the politic thing to do as well as humane; safe to say UK/US entente sinks without a hope if the PM sees the President stumbling towards her and screams 'Get away from me!'

May has never been a fragile flower, but I do feel for her, just this once. The devils have taken their seats at the banquet, a banquet that may use the world as its table. There are no spoons long enough.


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Jan. 31st, 2017 12:49 pm (UTC)
This is hilarious.

You should be writing a column.
Feb. 1st, 2017 01:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
What a lovely thing to say. Delighted to make you smile :-)
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