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Day of the Doodle

For the love of God.

So today is International Women's Day, and Google celebrates this with a doodle that's all about women marching with a child, talking with a child, flying an airplane with a child, even artistic achievement is celebrated with a child - and the example is Frida Kahlo, of all people, who was infertile!

No wonder many women are still all about the babies. It might be natural for some, but by god, it is stuffed down all our throats from the day we're born. I never wanted babies, still don't, and am bored to hell and back with this nonsense. It's like men do and women teach how to do. There's nothing wrong with teaching, but the ability to do it is not specifically feminine.

It's all a bit bloody annoying, and ties into this myth of women not existing for themselves. Maybe some of us find our identities through others, having been told that this is our proper function for centuries, but it's ridiculous and always has been.

Here's Frida Kahlo as she painted herself, with the companions she chose.



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Mar. 8th, 2017 11:47 am (UTC)
I saw that very painting in the canvas not too long ago! The New York Botanical Garden did this very intriguing Frida Kahlo homage, mostly with plants but there were a few of her pieces, including this self-portrait.

I am so glad to be living in an era where women have control over the reproductive part of their destinies. I have two children whom I adore, but before I had those children, I had two abortions, and I was and am fine with them. I've never felt the slightest need to clothe those abortions in regret (Such a hard decision...) because you know what? They weren't hard decisions, and I didn't sentimentalize them in the slightest.

And there are so many dreadful parents out there that one rather wishes the default was not to reproduce rather than the other way around.
Mar. 9th, 2017 11:43 am (UTC)
I love Frida Kahlo's work, but have never seen it on canvas.
A friend wanted to design me a wedding dress in Frida's style, and in many ways I regret not going for it.

About reproductive issues, I agree with you about the need for women's reproductive rights and power to choose without guilt. Once that is sorted out,population control may take care of itself, thought that's not looking too hopeful.
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