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The Cat Among The Pigeons

Well here we go.

As a daughter of the Union, I recall my fierce anger at this idea of splitting the UK the first time round. I didn't want to lose Scotland. Now England is becoming to all intents and purposes a one party state led by an intransigent authoritarian politician who no-one has voted for, and who has clearly decided to go the way of hard Brexit in order to placate the far right in her own party. Last year I heard stuff coming from the Tories that froze the blood under my skin, and when they weren't suggesting frankly horrible changes to our society, they were keeping specifically quiet about the outrageous responses to the High Court judges.Oh, something was said...in time. I was horrified,still am. The SNP are a bunch of nationalists, but they stated the possibility of a new referendum in their manifesto with specific reference to this potential situation, a manifesto that got them into power. And here they are keeping their promise. No wonder the tories are shocked.

But I do not think they can be that shocked. This has been on the cards for a while. There is a loud irony in Brexiters making the same arguments against Scottish independence that they ignored for Remain. My feeling is that all this froth and fury stems from the basic ingrown imperialism of seeing the states around them as should-be vassals, when Scotland is an equal partner in the Union, a fact lost in historical nostalgia that always paints us as wonderful winners who taught everyone how to be good. Books got neglected for press and pictures. We always win,we're that amazing. Everyone looks up to us blahblahblah...

Ignorance puffed up by flattery could ruin our very real gifts.

If May wants to make this worse, all she has to do is refuse the next referendum, then the SNP have their justification for an Universal Declaration of Independence, a gift if Sturgeon couldn't care less about any possible benefits of Brexit. If, however, she is taking other Brexit options seriously, a refusal could force her hand immediately.

One way or another it makes EU negotiations next to impossible. Maybe that's the point.

Scotland is my father's country. I love the place, and hate the idea of being parted from it. If Scotland chooses independence, I want it to succeed and worry that the SNP show no gift for money management.

And I'll get a Scottish passport if I can.




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